Community and society

ExxonMobil Egypt builds on a rich history that started more than 110 years ago when the Vacuum Oil Company (Mobil’s predecessor) was registered in Egypt. Throughout many years, ExxonMobil Egypt has been committed to making a continuous contribution towards the Egyptian community. A number of major initiatives have been financed in various fields such as the construction of a center for ADVANCE (the first institution in Egypt for autism); the renovation of El-Demerdash Hospital Surgical Unit and the renovation of Maadi Secondary Boys School in collaboration with New Maadi Rotary Club. ExxonMobil Egypt has also supported women initiatives such as the Mentoring Walk in Al-Azhar Park. Recently, ExxonMobil Egypt shifted its community investment programs to focus on education and development initiatives, serving diverse segments and categories in the Egyptian community. The following is a list of on-going initiatives:


ISHRAQ is a program providing out-of-school adolescent girls and their mothers in rural Upper Egypt with training for literacy, life skills, sports and entrepreneurial training.

  • Phase 1: 2008-2010, ISHRAQ reached 1,000 girls in 21 villages
  • Phase 2: 2011-2013, ISHRAQ Plus reaches 600 girls and 350 mothers

INJAZ aims to increase student’s entrepreneurial skills in business and community projects through volunteers.

  • 5,200 students benefited from 160 ExxonMobil Egypt volunteers  
  • ExxonMobil Egypt adopted two winning teams under the “INJAZ Young Entrepreneurs Competition”, and provided seed funding and 6 months mentorship for the start-up of their company



AUC Teachers’ professional education diploma aims to enhance the performance of teachers and administrators from experimental public schools, sponsored by ExxonMobil Egypt and the AUC.

  • In 2010/2011, 20 teachers and administrators received a professional educational diploma
  • In 2012/2013, 30 additional people are participating



Enactus (formerly SIFE) promotes teaching and advancement of free enterprise and entrepreneurship throughout the world. Enactus Egypt network includes 40 public and private Egyptian universities with 2,700 actively involved students since 2004. 

  • ExxonMobil Egypt is a member in the Business Advisory Council and sponsors student training since 2010
  • 20 employees provide support as judges in National Competitions

ExxonMobil Egypt collaborates with Misr El-Kheir Foundation in the STEM Education initiative:

  • Funding a school of excellence in STEM education in Egypt to encourage innovation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math's

MECA is a student activity at Ain Shams University, aiming to help Mechanical, Electrical and Civil architecture students bridge the gap between theory and practice

  • Strengthening student’s technical, interpersonal and marketing skills through shared experience and soft training
  • 55 volunteers over 3 years (engineers, managers & technical staff)

Family Development Initiative is an integrated development plan for participating family members in Alexandria consisting of 3 programs:

  • Job opportunities and small projects start-up for the households’ heads
  • Raising health awareness for all family members
  • Educational courses and life skills development for school children and youth

TILO, a USAID project "Technology for Improved Learning Outcomes“ aiming to raise the efficiency of the education system in Egypt that started in 2007 in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Education:

  • ExxonMobil Egypt contributed with 218 used laptops distributed in Egyptian governorates to facilitate the provision of hands-on training for teachers and administrative staff

NU100 Competition is an opportunity for Egyptian youth to receive an Entrepreneurial Training and seed funding for winners to start-up businesses

  • ExxonMobil Egypt is a Gold Sponsor offering the Women Entrepreneurship Award 
Darel-salam school

Misr El-Kheir Foundation’s education initiatives aim to combat the large percentage of school dropouts in Upper Egypt:

  • ExxonMobil Egypt provides financial support to fully furnish the Dar El-Salam Preparatory School in Sohag, one of the three preparatory schools of the initiative